Improved Infrastructure to Support Magadi division Competitiveness.

Magadi soda foundation (MSF) is a community welfare organization instituted by Tata chemicals Magadi Ltd –a part of the Tata Chemicals group in Kajiado County, Kenya Being a part of the respected Tata brand, we are committed socio-economic empowerment of all.MSF was registered as a trust in 2009 with the mandate to leverage partnerships and resources to continue with the work started by the founder-TCML.

Tata Chemicals Magadi cemented its commitment to the local community with the official launch of the Magadi Soda Foundation in 2009.
The Magadi Soda Foundation (MSF) implements Transformation Development projects in Health, Water/Sanitation, Education, Economic empowerment Infrastructure development.

The MSF is focused on scaling up the community transformation projects already undertaken by its Founder– TCML.

Key principles emphasized by The Foundation are Sustainability, Community Involvement, Engagement, Capacity Building and Empowerment.

We have designed our programmes to address the needs of the most vulnerable, in a comprehensive and integrated manner to achieve overall development for all sections in society.

The need of the hour is renewed effort towards –sustainable development, capacity building and community empowerment. To make our work more effective, we have extended partnership and channeled our resources through various NGO’s which helps in empowering our community.

Our collective responsibility to build a better world for all is strengthened by firm belief, which when coupled with a strong cause serves a purpose –that of transforming lives.