Promotion of best practices

Outreach and education

Public awareness campaigns

Tree planting

Clean-up campaigns

Land Use

Poor land use has led to land degradation. Though caused by both natural and human activities, land degradation has led to desertification, loss of water, soil infertility, poor crop yields and loss of biodiversity. Land degradation has reduced soil productivity and opportunities for livelihoods’ potential to contribute to national development

Specific objectives

  1. Improved agro forestry by planting trees along river banks, homes, and southern part of the lake
  1. improve environmental conservation and promote the economic livelihood of the community through wildlife based and other eco-tourism enterprises by 2019
  1. To mainstream environmental, climate and mineral concerns into overall planning, implementation and monitoring of county government and partners, so as to reduce environmental degradation and strengthen the role of environment and natural resources in reducing poverty.
  1. To raise real awareness of the importance of environmental matters within national and local political leaders; stressing social and economic importance as well as ecological consequences.

5. To enhance environmental education, public participation and awareness and coordinate other stakeholders in environmental management

Targets activities

  • Public awareness campaigns
  • Outreach and education
  • Tree planting
  • Clean-up campaigns
  • Creating awareness of environmental challenges and solutions
  • Promotion of best practices
  • Dissemination of environmental messages through mass and folk media


Expected outcomes

1. Positive change of attitude and participation in environmental conservation
at Magadi division and entire county
2. Enhanced prioritization of the environment among stakeholders
3. Enhanced partnerships in environmental governance between county government
and stakeholders