Youth empowerment is building capacity for them to be able to participate, contribute and benefit from growth process of the available resources in ways which contribute the value of their daily lives. The youth need training to aim at providing the youth with adequate information that will enable them make informed decisions concerning their career paths. The training should cover various topics such as financing business opportunities, research as a career, agribusiness and bio entrepreneurship, among others. The youth need to be empowered to create a world where young people are respected and able to influence and inform decisions that affect their lives or on which they have strong opinions.

However, Magadi Soda Foundation is planning to make the youths to realize some business opportunities and practice different projects in different places of the Division to reduce poverty. The youth’s population in Magadi Division is around 1500. Empowering the youths in Magadi Division will improve the livelihood of the society and contribute to make a strong economic in Kenya.


The climate of Magadi being hot and dry has dictated the predominating economic activity of livestock keeping being the major activity carried out in this place. However small scale farming is practice in Ngurmani and Pakase. The big challenge is that this community have preserved their culture for a long period of time. According to the traditional Maasai community, formal education was meant for children who are not loved by their parents. However, children in this community were taken as part of wealth and hence a person with many children was respected and given a prestige social class, so almost all the children were loved by their parents. This has made the Maasai community not be able to adopt the formal education over years. Another problem facing is poverty which has resulted from illiteracy and unemployment. About 15% of the youth’s population are attached to jobs in the division. There is need to create employment as well as empower the youths on business opportunity i.e identify the business and get accessibility of the market for the products.