Improved Infrastructure to Support Magadi division Competitiveness

Quality infrastructure is valuable in itself (clean water, for example) and as a multiplier, enabling further development and allowing both national and county governments to achieve social, economic and political aims.

While the goal of infrastructure programming may be to produce tangible physical infrastructure – poor decisions or analysis early in infrastructure development can have significant cost ramifications. Tackling the inefficiency and financial burden imposed by under-performing infrastructure is an important issue for developing and transitional in Magadi division.

Effective modes of transport such as quality roads, railroads, air transport and ports, enable entrepreneurs to get their goods and services to market in a secure and timely manner, facilitate the movement of workers to the workplace, and encourage foreign direct investment. Economies also depend on electricity supplies that are free from interruptions and shortages so businesses and factories can work unimpeded. In addition, a solid and extensive telecommunication network allows for a rapid and free flow of information, which increases overall economic efficiency by ensuring that businesses can communicate and make timely decisions, taking into account all available relevant information.

In Magadi Division both tarmac and feeder roads are in poor condition which is need constructed to enhance development in the area. Constructing, upgrading, rehabilitating and maintaining rural roads will improve the transportation system and entrepreneurs will access the market in a timely manner. Roads alongside the lakes such as Olkiramatian and Shompole road need to be raised to avoid being covered during the rainy season. Side post should also be clearly seen to avoid accidents (falling into deep waters). County and National government should join in partnerships in road maintenance to improve transport system